Security matters: It matters!

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Mounsey Web Consultancy has always valued the performance and security of their clients’ websites incredibly highly. Now firmly entrenched in the so-called “Information Age”, hot topics such as “Cyber-security”, “Denial of Service (DoS)” attacks and “Ransomware” are not merely idle threats from the pages of science fiction novels – but clear and present dangers to all Websites, […]

PHP updates are coming (choose from 7.4 or 8.0)

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Over the coming weeks (from early March, 2021 onwards) I will be contacting you with the option of having your Hosting environment upgraded, by way of a new version of PHP. PHP is the programming language that WordPress is developed on/with – and most Sites are currently running on version 7.3. With no need for […]

More @mounsey clients upgrade to SSL

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Excellent news to report on the security front. Over the course of Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of 2018, I have been driving home the importance of clients upgrading their Website(s) to include an SSL security certificate. As I’ve mentioned here before (on more than one occasion!) although there has yet to be a change, Google […]