Security matters: It matters!

Enhanced Security: Available NOW

Mounsey Web Consultancy has always valued the performance and security of their clients' websites incredibly highly.

Now firmly entrenched in the so-called "Information Age", hot topics such as "Cyber-security", "Denial of Service (DoS)" attacks and "Ransomware" are not merely idle threats from the pages of science fiction novels - but clear and present dangers to all Websites, large or small.

With that in mind, I am in the process of rolling out an optional but highly recommended enhanced security offering to all clients with one or more active WordPress-powered Websites (clients with multiple Sites will be offered a generous 50% discount if opting to upgrade to the enhanced security package on any of their additional Websites).

I have already successfully recommended and integrated these market-leading software and server tools to a selected number of clients - and will be rolling out this valuable, recommended upgrade to all clients over the Summer of 2021.

I should stress that those of you without the enhanced option in place need not have cause for immediate alarm. By default WordPress does include a number of useful security options - all of which are enabled by @mounsey by default. However, the enhanced option I am recommending goes considerably further, introducing important tools such as:

  • Two-Factor Authenticated "2FA" Admin Logins
  • Protected (Disguised) WordPress Login URLs
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Strong Password Enforcement
  • .. and much more besides

Website security? It matters.

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