More @mounsey clients upgrade to SSL

Excellent news to report on the security front.

Over the course of Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of 2018, I have been driving home the importance of clients upgrading their Website(s) to include an SSL security certificate.

As I’ve mentioned here before (on more than one occasion!) although there has yet to be a change, Google have made it quite clear that sometime soon, Websites *without* SSL in place may be flagged as being “Insecure”.


Now, that is still more than a little alarmist, I would say (as in reality simply not having SSL does not automatically mean that a Website is “Insecure”…). However, with Google’s absolute domination of the Search Engine market continuing to grow further, it would be decidedly unwise to not heed this advice – especially while there is still time to act on it.

I’ve been very encouraged by the response and feedback I’ve received from clients.

SSL security icon symbolThe vast majority of @mounsey hosted Websites now have shiny, safe and secure SSL certificates in place. As a reminder, my pricing for SSL starts from as little as £75 Per Year (with a one-time additional setup/configuration charge of £25 also applying in Year 1). With SSL being such an affordable upgrade to your Domain/Hosting, there has never been a better time to give it serious consideration.

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  1. The latest example would be APS Motorsports Ltd. In this particular example, they have their own Website Hosting account – so my role was to assist with the purchase (ensuring they acquired the correct type of certificate to meet their requirements PLUS I then handled the adaptation of the Website to ensure that the all-important “Green Padlock” icon was appearing *site-wide* on their pages. You can check out the result HERE > #JobDone #SSL!

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