“EEK! I’ve been blocked..” (and the fragile nature of Social media)

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Hello. It’s been a while. This will be a (fairly) short post for now, but a “hot topic” for sure – and one which I will comment (and advise on) more in the future. I sat down ready to work this morning, to be greeted by the many numerous notifications on my phone. The usual mixture […]

How to embed a Tweet

Reading Time: 1 minute

Did you know that you can embed any Tweet on your own Website? Well, you can – and it’s easy. Here’s an example: Dreaming of running your own online shop? (or have already launched one, but with disappointing results..?) call @mounsey on 07969169888 — John Mounsey (@mounsey) May 28, 2015 That’s cool. But how? You’ll be pleased […]