Recommended Reading #1

From time to time I plan to post articles on my blog which draw attention to various publications and products which I have found to be particularly useful over the years. The first in this series is certainly one of the best! Read on for details (and please do consider commenting {below}, if this book is already in *your* library).

If, like me, you are a fan of keeping things simple (wherever possible) and also happen to either manage a Website and/or design & develop them for a living, then I can highly recommend the beautifully written, straight-talking book by Website usability expert Steve Krug, titled: “Don’t Make Me Think – A Common Sense Approach to Web (and Mobile) Usability”.

Don't Make Me Think (Second Edition, front cover image)

Despite being first published back in the year 2000, Steve’s clearly presented, stating-the-obvious-but-in-a-non-patronising-manner collection of ideas still ring true – so much so in fact that the book has already had a “Second Edition” and now a special expanded “Revisited” release. The latter of which also covers the vitally important topic of mobile usability and User Experience (“U/X” for short).

An easy, enjoyable (and often humorous) read, I have referred back to Don’t Make Me Think time and time again over the years – and recommend it to anyone who has the responsibility of updating a Website, even if only on an editorial/content entry basis.

If you wish to order one of the various editions of this excellent book, you’ll find them on Amazon.

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