Gill Holland Facial and Body Therapy

Website Launch: Gill Holland Facial & Body Therapy

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my latest Website for a new Client: Gill Holland Facial & Body Therapy.

Gill is a qualified specialist in the key disciplines of Beauty Therapy, Body Therapy, Electrolysis and other advanced skincare treatments – with over 20 years of (literally!) hands-on experience.

At an early stage of the development process Gill indicated that she was looking for a high-impact, visually stimulating Web Presence – but at the same time having a Website which provided potential customers with plenty of useful information about her skincare products and services (Treatments). This lead to me sourcing (and extensively adapting) a suitable WordPress Theme, which acts as the primary framework for the finished Website.

In order to make the extensive range of high-end beauty products used and recommended by Gill available to a wider audience, full eCommerce functionality has also been included, in the “Products Boutique”. Secure online payments are handled by PayPal – which ensures that anyone with a Credit or Debit card is able to place an order (as no PayPal account is required to complete a purchase).

For a closer look please visit:

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