Training and meetings hardware upgraded

I have recently (today!) invested in a stunning new piece of portable hardware, which I will be using routinely for all meetings, presentations and training sessions from this point onwards*

I see this long-planned development as a key investment in my business and have been deliberating for some time over which “direction” to head in, with regards to the operating system in particular.

My core Website development tool is (and will continue to be) my ever-reliable DELL XPS Desktop PC (running Windows 10.x Professional). Perhaps in an ideal world I would have stuck with DELL for my portable computing needs.. but alas the high specifications I would be seeking all but ruled this option out, for cost reasons alone.

The plot thickens…

So, which direction have I gone down..? Those who know my tech politics/preferences would most likely guess correctly right away (hint: It is NOT a BlackBerry “Playbook”.. I simply couldn’t track one down…).

All will be revealed here and elsewhere on my Social Channels sometime soon…

*once I have a bomb and drop-proof case to store it in, that is… :-/

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