Site Launch! Simon Mounsey Ltd.

Simon Mounsey Ltd (logo)
The newly remastered and recreated logo for Simon Mounsey Ltd

Over the past few months I have been working in close conjunction with my cousin, on the comprehensive redevelopment of his existing business Website.

The completed project launched on time and on budget in February, 2018 – and has already been picked up by Google, where the former (HTML) Website had began to slide down the rankings (due to poor performance on and support for mobile computing devices).

Corporate Identity input

Simon Mounsey Ltd (logo, social media variant)
Logo (square version, for Social Media Avatar usage)

The all-new Site features an improved and remastered version of two variants of the Simon Mounsey Ltd logo – and this was also created from scratch by @mounsey using CorelDraw (again with close direction from the client).

One key factor with that particular task was to ensure that the revised version of the logo was modernised – yet at the same time would remain familiar to the existing customers of Simon Mounsey Ltd

The newly introduced “square” variant has been developed with Social Media accounts in mind (for “Avatar” usage) – and this logo features a shortened name “SML”.

eCommerce introduced

A key priority for Simon (in addition to addressing the lack of mobile compatibility) was to add “true” eCommerce capabilities to his Website, having previously worked with dynamic PDF-based order forms. I have once again worked with an enhanced, customised installation of WooCommerce – and despite some unexpected challenges along the way, I am delighted to have successfully met all of the client’s requirements – including some non-trivial additional functionality, which emerged part-way through the development process.

The core Website has been built with WordPress, featuring a heavily customised and personalised mobile friendly theme (design framework) and a suite of useful plugins (offering additional functionality, where needed).


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