Site Launch! APS Motorsports Ltd

I was delighted to complete and launch the debut Website for Warrington-based specialists APS Motorsports, earlier this year.

Through nobody’s fault, this bespoke eCommerce project has had a particularly lengthy development process, culminating in the successful unveiling of the Site in February, 2018.

Project highlights and key features

Throughout the process, I worked closely (though remotely) with a member of the APS team, making sure that there was a sufficiently broad range of products (and categories) available for prospective customers to browse and buy from “Day One” when the Site launched. This involved a mix of technical developments (to cater for their high-end, niche market parts) – along with a non-trivial amount of image editing, in order to present the all-important product imagery to the highest possible standards (noting the initially poor quality of many of the supplied photographs).

The medium~long term plan is for the Website products inventory to grow steadily over time, so to facilitate this one of the final tasks was for me to deliver a session of face-to-face WordPress (and WooCommerce) Training, at the client’s premises over in Warrington. The M62 proved as joyous as ever(!) – but apart from that predictable grind, the three hour long training went very well – and not long afterwards the APS team were beavering away adding new categories, products and a launch Blog post to the Website.

An immediate impact!

Not long after APS formally announced the Site launch through their own Social Media Channels (including to an large, captive audience over on their Facebook page), the very first customer order came in – much to the delight of both APS Motorsports and @mounsey! Here’s to many more orders, from this point onwards.


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