SEO: It’s not (quite) ALL about Google!

Bing Webmaster Tools (logo)

Bing, Facebook – yes, even Yahoo! Just don’t send your SEO party invites exclusively to Google.

I felt somewhat compelled to pen this short article, having invested some (free) time on a number of Client Websites today – “Verifying” their URLs with Bing’s (rather useful) “Webmaster Tools” system.

Now, if you’re sat there reading that and the name “Webmaster Tools” rings a bell, then it does with good reason! It was, until fairly recently the name of Google’s own dedicated “console” for monitoring some key Website metrics when it comes to general SEO performance (e.g. keywords used when finding (but not necessarily visiting..) a Website, popular pages – and much more besides.

For whatever reason Google have rebranded their “Webmaster Tools” to the somewhat unclear (I would say..) “Search Console” – whereas MicroSoft’s Bing solution has retained the more traditional (but frankly better) moniker.

Here at Mounsey Web Consultancy have I have long since championed the “Little League” of Search Engine destinations (with respect I’m afraid that does refer to you: Bing and Yahoo!). Hugely popular and important portals in their own right but (outside of the U.S. at least) very distant competitors when compared with all-conquering Google.

That said, it is crazy to simply ignore an internet legend such as Yahoo! – and also a lesser-known but exceedingly well connected youngster (in the grand scheme of things) such as Bing.

So noting this stance, look and listen out for more tips with regards to broadening not only your SEO outlook – but also that of your entire digital marketing portfolio. Yes, Google IS “The Daddy” when it comes to Search – but putting all your eggs in one digital basket has never been a good idea.

Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing should be no exception!

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