Project Launch: ATV Aerials

A belated note just to say that I helped rebuild the incredible resource that is the Website over the course of 2019.

The existing well-established and hugely respected Website had been built entirely using a now defunct software package ("WebPlus") - and as a result was in no way responsive or mobile friendly.

After resisting the fundamental changes required for some time (knowing the immense size of the task to convert it), the client was left with no other option - following a noted dip in Google Ranking and, in turn, visits to the Website.

Mounsey Web Consultancy were approached and following a length redevelopment process (in conjunction with the proprietor and founder of "ATV"), the all-new Website successfully launched just prior to Christmas, 2019.

In terms of "Content is King", there is quite simply NO other Website resource that comes close to rivalling the extensive information to be found on this Website (and yes, that includes even the mighty WikiPedia on this particular subject/topic (that being television aerials, poles, fittings, reception, transmitters - and much, much more!).

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