OK, make that the 2nd!

Ahh… the best-laid plans and all that.

It is with some degree of frustration that I announce the slight deferment of the launch of mounsey.co.uk. Again.

Earlier today (1st December) I was advised of an important system upgrade – that was recommended (and will in due course also be enforced) by my own Hosting suppliers.

This immediately had to become a priority, as the upgrade in question is due to come into effect from January, 2017.

So once again, alas, mounsey.co.uk has had to wait patiently in the corner (of my mind) – but will come back to the forefront of it.. tomorrow!

Truth-be-told, the Website is (and has been) 95%+ completed for some time, but that final 5% is very important.

Stay tuned.. and please excuse this final, final delay.


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