Newsletter #5 in the pipeline

Existing subscribers to my occasional @mounsey newsletter will be hopefully pleased to hear that issue #5 in the works – and will be sent out sometime before the end of September.

I’m currently in the process of finalising the content topics, but as things stand these will provisionally be:

  • The benefits of requesting and publicising reviews & ratings from existing (hopefully happy!) customers about your products, services and Website experiences. As part of this I will also include links to selected online reviews for Mounsey Web Consultancy – so you can see the opportunities available.
  • I plan to cover a case study involving setting up a Google Shopping Ads Campaign recently for an existing client. This proved to be a more complex process than was envisaged (even with the prior experiences working with the platform that I already had). A complex beast, then – what with data feeds, cost-per-click and regional settings (and more!) – but I/we got there in the end. More on that soon.
  • I will also be featuring a special offer for existing (and/or new) clients with regards to battling sp@m messages on WordPress forms! The solution I’ve been researching and implementing is the (at times contentious) “reCAPTCHA” tool – but the good news is with Google now having their own “in-house” reCAPTCHA, the implementation process has become considerably more straightforward then before.

Watch this space for now more on this and future newsletters! ~John

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