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mounsey.co.uk – update!

OK. So what used to be something of a joke (roughly along the lines of “Did you hear the one about the Website designer who didn’t have his own Website.. ?”) has long since turned into something of a personal embarrassment! (i.e. there still being no main Website for Mounsey Web Consultancy).

I still believe that I initially made the correct decision that running with no Website was better than having a half-baked one. However, the “grace” period of taking what should have been a temporary stance of that nature has, frankly, long since expired..

The good news though is that that daft situation is finally soon to be rectified – and this time, I mean it!

In between ongoing project work for Clients I’ve recently managed to “break the back” of the development stage for my own corporate Website – and since then further progress has been swift and satisfying. It is still rather too soon to reveal any form of sneak preview though (sorry..!) – but as we rapidly approach the end of yet another year, I’m both an excited and relieved to be able to confirm that the all-new Website for mounsey.co.uk WILL be published this year.

If you would like to be notified when this long-delayed personal project sees light of day, please pop over to the “holding page” I have published on mounsey.co.uk – and sign-up using your primary Email address. If you’d rather wait and hear via other means, I will of course also be singing about this upcoming launch from the rooftops of my various Social Media accounts too!

As always, thanks for your patience – and continued support.


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