Lovely Website relaunched

Spring is rumoured to be on the way, but the newly revamped and reimagined Website for Lovely has pipped it to the post, by official launching in early March, 2018!

Featuring an all-new design framework, new products and a newly installed (enhanced) SSL security certificate the completed Site has also moved house to a shiny new Domain:

The new Lovely logo

I worked closely with the client (Caz Bruce) throughout the process – and as with the original Website (also developed and hosted by @mounsey), the new Website features great brand identity (which I can’t take credit for) – and superb, perfectly apt product photography too (by Ella Osborne).

I see Lovely as a great example of where corporate identity, products and the general vibe all work perfectly together – and I like to think that the recently completed Website reflects this clear vision too. Purposefully simplistic and “to the point”. See for yourself here:

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