Letting Stickermule do the donkey work

Off-topic (to a degree… well, not WordPress related anyway..) – but having now placed approx. 10 orders with them (all positive experiences) I feel it’s about time to share some love for StickerMule!

StickerMule is a fantastic online supplier of pretty much any kind of sticker or (pre-printed) label you could hope to find! To date I’ve placed orders for cut-out circular orders, custom branded packing tape (as yet unused but the quality shines through).

One thing that has pleasantly surprised me is the regularity of their special promotional deals. Off the top of my head I don’t think I’ve paid a penny for postage and packing on any of the orders I’ve placed to date (P+P charges can and do apply.. it’s just that each time I’ve been tempted by an unmissable deal on various newly launched products.

Speaking of which…! My more recent purchase was for 50x 3″ fridge style magnets (which will attach with ease to any metallic surface actually..) – and they are absolutely fantastic! (I had them printed for my burgeoning soundtracks.shop e-Commerce project/venture). I’ve been including them as a special free gift with selected orders received via either Amazon, Ebay or direct from soundtracks.shop!

I can honestly say this supplier comes *highly* recommended. The print quality is crisp and professional – and the pricing (with or without discount) good for the high quality of merchandise supplier. They offer free sample packs, should you need to feel/see the goods before purchasing.

Sticker Mule Magnets

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