Introducing “Elementor”

Early days… but for those who might be interested, I’m in the process of working with the popular WordPress Page Builder plugin Elementor.

In fact, I’m actually using it right NOW – putting together this and other blog posts here on
So.. what are “Page Builders” you may well ask. Well, put simply a page builder is a special add-on for WordPress – designed to make the task of laying out and updating standard “Pages” and “Posts” considerably easier than when working with the built-in (and rather limited) page editor screens on WordPress itself.

Coincidentally, WordPress are in the process of addressing this limitation through the development and (imminent) launch of their own enhanced page builder – that being the controversial and contentious Gutenberg project.

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on how Gutenberg has been developing too (as come the release of WordPress 5.x, Gutenberg will become the default editor on ALL WordPress websites.
With current opinion so divided on how effective (or not..) Gutenberg will be, this also seemed to the ideal opportunity to revisit the market-leading 3rd Party page building tools – of which “Elementor” has had a rapid rise to success, over more recent months in particular.

I’ll post again on this important topic sometime soon, as in additional to being an important consideration for Mounsey Web Consultancy, working with an effective (time-saving) Page Builder too is crucial for all clients with WordPress powered Websites too.

Watch this space!

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