Google Apps For Work

Having finally taken the plunge earlier this year to upgrade from the “Free” version of Gmail – to “Google Apps For Work“, I cannot recommend the service highly enough.

I had been using Gmail and many of the other tools provided by Google (notably Google Calendar and Google Maps) extensively for many years, but had cautiously held back from switching to the Apps for Work (paid-for) option until that point.

The primary reason for this decision was the “fear” that there would be considerably upheaval when moving from “Free” Gmail, over to the subscription-based “Professional” model.

As it turns out, whilst the move was (at times) far from painless, the support offered by Google’s dedicated Apps For Work team was simply *fantastic*. The only significant (and in fairness inevitable) delay I encountered was the “Migration” process (basically copying all of my previous Emails from my personal/free Gmail account over to the Apps for Work one). This number-crunching, automated exercise took several days to complete – but with tens of THOUSANDS of emails to be dealt with, this was hardly surprising!

So yes, as I sit here now several months on, I whole-heartedly recommend that you consider making the same move. Google offer a free 30-day trial of the service – and once fully-signed up, the monthly cost is very reasonable (in the region of £3 per user, per month, including VAT).

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