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Fibre broadband: The need for speed!

In the fully digital, constantly connected world of 2017 a reliable, high-speed connection to the Internet is more important than ever.

It’s also important to remember that this mandatory requirement for modern life is equally as important for work/business, as it is for the home!

Do you work from home?

As a self-employed person working from a dedicated home office for my business, I am fortunate in that I can “tick both boxes” for high-speed access via the same single broadband account.

If you are in similar circumstances (or have your own business premises), then I highly recommend that you review and consider upgrading your current broadband package. You won’t regret it.

BT Business Broadband (logo)

Sometime last year I took the decision to move up to fibre-optic broadband from BT. This service commanded a higher subscription fee compared to what I had been paying previously (in actual fact my prior broadband was effectively “free” – as a bonus feature of my mobile contact with EE..). It was also only modest speed – and suffered noticeably from drops in speed, particularly when other people in the house were sharing the connection.

Not long after upgrading to fibre I soon realised that the additional outlay was without doubt worth it! I now receive a consistently (and genuinely) superfast connection speed – which is enough to handle even the most demanding of scenarios (for example, if I am working uploading/downloading large files whilst at the same time multiple people are streaming video content from the likes of NetFlix and Amazon Prime Video elsewhere in the house).

At the present time (early 2017) optical fibre broadband is on of THE fastest ways to access the internet, and as such comes highly recommended.

Information on “Infinity” Fibre Broadband Deals from BT:

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