Coming up in November…

As I type this update we haven’t quite reached the end of a busy October… and it’s looking like November will certainly be a case of “more of the same” over here @mounsey HQ!

I’ve been juggling a number of varied projects – each at different stages of their development. Of the many skills I’ve had to develop (further) since becoming self-employed, the ability to jump from one project and over onto another is probably one of THE most valuable.

So one minute I might be carrying out an SEO report for a French holiday accommodation Website – and then move over onto adding new content for an indoor climbing centre (stopping only briefly to discuss potentially working on a series of Websites for a boutique style small chain of pubs down in the South East!). Naturally it can sometimes be challenging (not to mention disruptive) if having to chop and change too many times during any one given day. So time and project management are still equally important too. I feel like I’m handling all of these things well – but there is always room for further improvement.

Hopefully by the time I next post here on I’ll have news of not one but two new client projects. Each are close to being confirmed (one all-but definitely going ahead, the other in discussion at the moment..).

Stay tuned for news on those and other projects as we plough into November!

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