Case Study #1: Google Shopping Ads

Now Available.. and it's FREE!

I've put together a useful Case Study covering the unique opportunity presented for online retailers by Google's "Shopping Ads" Campaigns (a custom, enhanced part of their all-conquering AdWords service).

Download (and please share!) the free PDF today and have a read. I've illustrated the PDF throughout with actual screenshots from Google, so you can see how the service works - and where your "Shopping" (product) advertisements could appear.

Other content includes:

  • Prerequisites needed in order to run Google Shopping Ads
  • A real-world example (illustrated) showing how the platform can be of use to makers and retailers of "niche" products
  • How to further extend the reach of your Ads, by enabling Google's "Display Network" and Remarketing option

Thanks for reading - and I hope you find this first custom-written Case Study interesting and useful for your online retail business.


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