AO.com – a Lesson in eCommerce Excellence


Established as recently as the year 2000, AO.com (formerly known as Appliances Online) has grown rapidly to become the “go to” Website for the purchasing of kitchen and other household appliances on the Internet.

(CookersDishwashersFridgesAmerican Style FreezersWashing Machines… you name it, AO.com stock it!)

Such has been the speed and success of this growth, it has caused a major shake-up in the industry, with long-established competitors such as Currys no doubt taking a big hit as a direct result. (according to their page over on WikiPedia, the company had total revenue of a shade under £385 Million in 2014…).

My reason for discussing (and yes, promotingAO.com here though is for the simple reason that (in addition to highly competitive prices) the Website itself is also an object lesson for how to deliver an effective eCommerce User Experience. The design is straightforward (without being overly minimalist or “No frills”) – and the functionality is intuitive and spot-on.

I’ll be expanding on this new article in due course, but in the meantime take a look here:

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