A quick heads-up on Domain Name pricing

New and existing customers should be aware that I will unfortunately be revising my pricing for core Domain extensions (typically “.co.uk” and “.com”) over the coming weeks.

Any resulting changes will affect both first-time registrations and renewals of existing Domains (when your expiry/renewal date comes round).

How come?

I have received a notification from my own suppliers, forewarning that the cost-pricing for Domain Name registrations (and in turn renewals) for these and many other Domain types will be increasing with almost immediate effect. The actual price increases vary, depending on the extension in question.

The good news is that since launching Mounsey Web Consultancy back in the spring of 2013, this will be the first time I have had to take any such action (revising my own prices) – and even with any increases applied, I remain very confident about being competitive with Domain Name pricing.

Beware false prophets!

As always, do not be fooled or snared by tempting offers elsewhere, such as 99p registrations (or even less..). Such offers nearly always come with strings attached (such as a steep price hike when renewal time comes, and/or being tied in to a longer term than usual).

As with most things in life, “You Get What You Pay For…”.

All Domains registered and managed by Mounsey Web Consultancy are handled by me personally – and I am always available to advise on and discuss Domain Name registrations, via email and telephone (office hours).

I’ll be contacting existing clients with upcoming Domain Name renewals over the coming weeks and beyond.

Your continued, valued custom is appreciated.

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