A demonstration slider

So, what is a “Slider”..?

For those unaware of the terminology, a web “slider” is a group of large format images, typically located at the top of a web page.

They “slide” in or across the page and are designed to promote different pages and/or messages. Handled well, they can draw the viewer in. Done badly – and they can prove to be an immediate turn-off!

Here’s an example (and an “inline”, mid-page slider), using the newly released “MaxSlider” plugin for WordPress:

[maxslider id=”576″]

I’m trialling it on this blog post – in order to evaluate how effective it is. The early signs are promising – but what do you think?


  • I have disabled navigation on this demo. Instead, the slides change automatically every few seconds
  • You can swipe (mobile) or drag (desktop/tablet) left or right to change slide too – try it!
  • Tested on desktop, mobile and tablet

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