A busy March already underway..

As I glance at my desktop calendars, I see at the time of typing this we've already rushed into the heart of early March.

"Time and tide wait for no man..", as the saying goes (from memory) - and that statement has never been more accurate in the modern Information Age of today.

As things stand I have no less than three projects rapidly converging on completion (for three different clients). No names or links for the moment - but they fall into the following categories:

  • A HUGE redevelopment of an existing client's primary Website (one which I didn't previously build or develop)
  • A comparatively compact eCommerce Website for a new client in the gifts and jewelry business
    • This one will also feature a built-in enhanced solution for Wholesale/Trade accounts and ordering
  • An all-new Site (to be turned around in less than a single calendar month... gulp!) - for a not-for-profit organisation, based down in London

I'll do my best to post individual launch posts for each of the above.. but time is an ever-precious commodity!

Stay tuned..

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