About TablePress

TablePress is actually a rather old plugin that was developed by some clever soul, which enables WordPress website editors and other admin users to relatively easily include HTML <table> content on website pages and posts. It's actually a deceptively feature-packed solution, which is handy seeing as WordPress doesn't offer native support for HTML tables (that I know of).

The table you see on this page is powered by and edited using the TablePress admin area tools - but the key problem (as per usual for such content) is that HTML tables (or any tabulated content for that matter...) does not display particularly well on smartphone devices and other (small) handheld devices (e.g. iPads, etc.).

McDonald'syellow, redThe home of Ronald McDonald and his array of tempting naughty treats
Burger Kingred, blue, whiteNice but usually tepid, unfortunately
Greggsblue, orangeA nice mix of healthy and less-healthy options
Wendy'sred, blue, whiteSurprisingly tasty popular rival to McDonald's
Tim Horton'sred, whiteCanadian chain which has now arrived across the UK