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Does your business still NEED a Website?

Introduction/Background With the rapid (and sustained) growth in the use of Social Media for commercial marketing over recent years, you could be forgiven for thinking that the role of a “traditional” Website has slipped down the pecking order. With some businesses even opting to dispense with a Website altogether, the question has to be asked: […]

A new home: Welcome to

As you may have noticed, the Mounsey Web Consultancy blog now has a brand-new home –¬†! Although a fairly low priority, I was never entirely happy with the former Domain name (¬†and yet felt certain that I had made the correct decision to keep the blog separate from my main Website (the imminently arriving […]

SSL enabled!

As part of finalising plans for the imminent relaunch of my main Website ( I have recently taken the decision to install an SSL certificate on the Domain name. As I mentioned on a recent article, SSL is no longer solely for Websites featuring an online shop or other customer information. Google recommend that ALL […]