Exit Pop-ups!

Having received a request from a client recently, I looked into the feasibility of so-called “Exit pop-ups” on WordPress.

As is so often the case, the WP development community didn’t let me (or the client) down – and I soon found a fantastic plug-in, which works brilliantly.

Some fairly straightforward customisation was involved (again as usual) – and I’ve also apply some further visual finesse by way of some StyleSheet/CSS additions.

If you’d like to see this particular demonstration in action (note: Desktop only) – simply move your mouse away from the main browser viewport/content area! (Hint: the offer itself is genuine, I might add!)

Lab Notes_

  1. For the purposes of my own development and regular tweaking, I have set the “Exit pop-up” on here to be “Once Per Session” (which effectively means “Once Per Page”).
  2. Under normal circumstances I would NOT recommend this (as far too frequent). The plugin allows for customisation in this regard, so as to not risk irritating your visitors… #wisemove